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Words & Pictures

I was in the creative side of the advertising business for a long time.  My basic skill was concept development and writing copy  for ads, television commercials, corporate films, presentations, brochures, radio spots - you name it and I've probably written it.


I also had an opportunity to work with all kinds of professional photographers. While each approached their art from a different point of view, they all told me the same simple truth: “Every frame, good or bad, is a great lesson." 


I have a camera with me just about everywhere I go.  When I see something that catches my eye; something interesting, whimsical, evocative or just good to look at, I try to capture it. “It” being the picture my mind’s eye sees.  


My goal is really pretty simple.  I want to take pictures worth looking at.  Pictures that may speak to you as they speak to me.


David Ullman

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